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  1. Pete Forsyth

    This is an important post. The pattern of disparaging commentary from Wikimedia Foundation board and staff toward volunteers is indeed distressing, and deserving of continual attention and public critique. Yesterday I published a blog post on more or less the same topic:

    In my post, I intentionally left out any examples from non-executive staff. But I thought about such comments a great deal as I was writing it. There is a dynamic in which broad, more politely-phrased statements by board and executives gives license for less senior staff to speak out in much more blatant and insulting ways.

    I think it’s important to stress — insults like those you mention constitute a *systemic* problem, which perpetuates an environment of hostility and ad hominem comments; the reason I bring them up (and I’d imagine the same goes for you, Lane) is not out of *personal* grievance, but out of concern for the impact on our ecosystem. Personally, I have never once worried about what a WMF employee thinks of my shaving habits. (Well, OK…I suppose I did in the hours before my job interview). I don’t mind being lumped in with the neckbeards, but I do very much mind mailing lists in which staff, funded by donations and the efforts of volunteers, toss around childish stereotypes about entire classes of people.

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