Juhu Beach visit

The day after pride Mantu and Nandan wanted to chill but that night we went to Juhu Beach. Chowpatty Beach was contained in a neighborhood in Mumbai; I am sure it connected to the rest of the shoreline somehow but it seemed like one area to me. Juhu Beach went on for miles. When we went there I stood on the shoreline and saw the stars off in the darkness toward the ocean. I do not remember the last time I saw all the stars.

Children and older boys were playing on the beach. It seemed to me that small groups of friends would come together and then start interacting with other groups by frenquently exchanging members. It is a social system that is unknown to me – I am sure I have never been to any social event in Western culture were people mingle as freely or as intimately as people do in India. The people seemed very happy and I think it is likely that the people I saw visit the beach or some series of such places every day and have a lot of fun just running and playing with different people continually.

We had fresh pineapple juice and it was terrific. I have never had this before and it was a lot better than anything canned.

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