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This is to be a personal journal recording my experiences relating to a planned six-month trip to north India and Nepal beginning in January 07. I am American, from Texas 78-98, Seattle from then to 06, Essex England now and for the last month, and onward to Varanasi in January.

I do not expect this record to be overly interesting to a wide audience, but for those who do read it I would like to give an account of my biases. I am familiar with Southern US as associated with my upbringing. I studied science as an undergraduate student and intend to pursue an advanced degree upon return to the US from abroad. I have worked low-wage jobs at various times but enjoy working for myself and doing odd contract work more, and I can say that I have maintained my chosen lifestyle more with the latter than the former.

Money is a primary reason for my chosing a visit to India – life is inexpensive there and I anticipate career prospects in moving research venues to there from here. Also it is as exotic and foreign a place as is possible to American sensibilities, and that characteristic seems enticing.

It is my hope that while in India I see and do things worth writing about here in his log.

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purpose of this blog

This is Lane Rasberry's personal blog. None of the information on this blog is private, but it is personal and I have not written it with the intent to make it of public general interest. Anyone visiting this site has my permission to use anything they find here for friendly, share-alike purposes.