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I was born in the early 80s. I grew up in Texas and moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington when I was about 20. I got a chemistry degree and then I went to visit North India for a few months because I think that area will be a major destination for outsourcing chemistry research within my life, and I wanted to expand my job opportunities.

In 2008-9 I worked as a research assistant in a clinical trial in a study sponsored by NIDA and managed by the University of Washington. For fun I volunteer in health-related projects, particularly those that involve diseases related to sex or drug use. I am a supporter of community services and resources, particularly educational and cultural programs. After that I began looking at ways to increase science and health communication with new media platforms, and have been working in health communication.

I am always looking for people to volunteer with me. If you are reading this site and you see anything that interests you, then write me and I will help you get involved in anything I do. I grew up without a lot of opportunities, but for some reason I started volunteering for all kinds of projects and the experience I got by joining social organizations propelled my understanding far beyond my natural intellect and abilities. I am interested in hearing from any activists, but these are some volunteer areas in which I have worked. Each one of these represents a different project:

  • science education
  • appreciation of modern art
  • promoting cities with touring
  • rights of those accused of crimes
  • trash salvage
  • clinical trials
  • English education, particularly grammar
  • services for the homeless, especially youth
  • harm reduction for illicit drug users
  • data collection for future research
  • religious education
  • physical fitness
  • civil rights for oppressed persons

My primary interests revolve around things that people freely gave to me in Seattle, and I count moving out of Texas to an metropolitan area as being the single best decision I ever made for myself. Most of my interests only came to be because of what I became after moving to Seattle. Everything on the list above is something that I continually pursue at least monthly and have for years. Note also that all of these things are things that only happen because of volunteer networks; there are very few viable business models that can sustain any of these things in a community.

Article about my getting malaria for science

Lane on bed in January 2011

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  1. Dr.Sudhan Paudel

    Hello Namaskar,
    I am from Nepal. I have read your conversations in indiamike. I knew that you are a good researcher and social activists. I am also a social activist and Reader of Nepal Sanskrit university. I have no good english, but i am very interest to host some international volunteers in my community to seek international linkage and networking. My organization: Development and Research study center, is working with poor people of remote Nepal. Could you help me by sending such volunteers at Nepal ? Or, do you have any plan to come Nepal ? Thanks.

    Best regards
    Dr. Sudhan Paudel

    Kathmandu, Purano Naikap-6, Sadbhab Nagar
    Mobile : 9841605097

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