really boring post significant only to the me of a certain time

summer boyfriend

summer boyfriend

I have been dating this boy named Xu since the middle of June and we have been seeing each other a few times a week. He is from Liaoning, which is the coastal province of China which shares a border with North Korea. He is doing a logistics program through Penn State’s industrial engineering department […]

first day in San Francisco…

This post has no interesting content at all. It is just a record to help me remember what I learned. On Thursday August 19 Simon and I dropped off the car by driving north through Golden Gate Park, into the Presidio, then west along the waterfront to the return at Fisherman’s Wharf. Simon took me […]

graduate school postponement…

I had been thinking about applying for graduate school for a long time, but I decided I would not apply for admission in fall of 2009. I started questioning myself when I asked for a recommendation from a mentor of mine and he replied by asking me some hard questions about my goals. I’ve got […]

purpose of this blog

This is Lane Rasberry's personal blog. None of the information on this blog is private, but it is personal and I have not written it with the intent to make it of public general interest. Anyone visiting this site has my permission to use anything they find here for friendly, share-alike purposes.