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visit to Lucknow

Nandan and I left our Mumbai friends and flew to Lucknow. We visited Imam Bara and the residency and the haunted house as before but all this was just a backdrop for planning our next moves. At Imam Bara we paid for a tour and were charged triple the price we were supposed to pay, […]

meeting Pradeep’s family

Pradeep and I were supposed to go to Humsafar and a museum after that but it was in the afternoon and kind of hot and his house was nearby so he suggested we stop for a half hour and then go. As it turned out I was interested in talking with his family and I […]

purpose of this blog

This is Lane Rasberry's personal blog. None of the information on this blog is private, but it is personal and I have not written it with the intent to make it of public general interest. Anyone visiting this site has my permission to use anything they find here for friendly, share-alike purposes.