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visit to Pune

Mantu told me that we were going to Lonovala, which is some kind of retreat town near Mumbai but of higher altitude. We took a train there and at some point in the train ride we were able to look outside the window and see the city below us. In Lonovala we visited cliffsides, some […]

database problems…

For a long time I have been wondering about the problem of providing software solutions to fix the problems I am having with data collection. I am not sure what the final solution will be, but here are some options which people have presented to me and which I have not fully explored. The problem […]

purpose of this blog

This is Lane Rasberry's personal blog. None of the information on this blog is private, but it is personal and I have not written it with the intent to make it of public general interest. Anyone visiting this site has my permission to use anything they find here for friendly, share-alike purposes.