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  1. Nemo

    On “making karaoke a job requirement”, I hope you realise that it would be like a requirement to be a beer/wine drinker or an American football fan. Karaoke is common in some countries and cultures but barely exists in others, and even in such cultures it’s a terrible experience for a significant population. In Wikimedia, a lot of people feel the mere existence of karaoke events as a kind of discrimination.

    I picked this one passage to highlight that there is always a risk that requirements for new hires to be a good “culture fit” become an euphemism for groupthink, social exclusion and devotion to a dogma or establishment.
    Cf. https://hbr.org/2016/04/why-hiring-for-cultural-fit-can-thwart-your-diversity-efforts

    Anyway, Sue used to describe wikimedians as some kind of social outcasts or weirdos (pointing out weird clothing, dancing practices etc. with thinly veiled disdain), while Lila seemed to be perfectly at ease.

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