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  1. Federico

    Most depictions of saint Sebastian are much cruder than that and not cute at all, as far as I can see. I just visited the Capodimonte museum and they have multiple repelling Sebastians, hardly bearable unless you joke a bit on them.

    Your example is very Baroque I guess: the scene must look very sublime even when it’s inhuman and the result is that everyone involved seems to enjoy kinky/extreme BDSM practices. From my point of view this is the usual problem of so much catholic “culture” around martyrs, saints, chastity and so on being actually so hypersexual/perverted; it’s really hard to tell how much of it is intentional sexual enjoyment and how much undetected/closeted contradiction.

    But yes, Guido Reni is quite special. About him and some other painters of Sebastian, there’s actually plenty of literature saying that they had homoerotic intentions and used Sebastian as an excuse. A quick search finds an essay by User:G.dallorto and and a mention of a book “L’amour qui ose dire son nom – Art et Homosexualité” which may confirm your guess.

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