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  1. Kris

    For an american you know seem to quite a lot of India ways. However, you have got many things wrong. While, there would have been support for the maid, in this case Richard is just a craft and fishing women. Just to clarify, Devyani is not exactly a character officer.

    Richard had along planned to use this route to get into the USA. she and her relatives have a long history of working in embassies. The whole this was manipulated. Surprisingly the Indian government escalated the matter.

    Well america has certainly sophisticated systems in place, including diplomatic security. In India, i guess this would be done by a branch of the state police. However, you must remember, that India is great civilization. It is merely in this time period that i has fallen back and USA has achieved prominence. You must be aware that the current development paradigm, with USA as the greatest pollutor has threatened very existence of human race. No doubt if US pays for all the damages it would be same a great country. Hence one view is that it is a parasite.

    I am not supporting Devyani, as an officer of elite foreign service, it is no excuse to pay the maid less just because thousands of other officer of perhaps all countries except some european one do the same. She cannot claim that she is not in fault. Her diplomatic immunity is another matter, as a diplomat she set set an example and maids are not essential. However, Richard is a crook, devyani has to pay because she hired a crook


  2. rational

    You missed out on a few crucial facts. Dr Devyani Kobragade is a deputy consul general, holds a diplomatic passport so has consular immunity, limited to all non grave crimes. She can NOT be arrested unless she murdered or raped or did armed robbery, and that too only when she is proved of guilt by a court. So the arrest was illegal from start. Only US gov and media will deny that when it does not suit them and other country is weak / meek. And the subsequent unwarranted horrendous strip cavity search etc treatment was just unprecedented unthinkable and leaves all decent people nauseous.

    Also the maid is way overpaid, in Rupees , 30000 is a lot of money, which she was all saving in indian bank, and all her expenses in USA were expenses incurred on job, and paid by employer, including food, lodging, clothes, calls to india, plane tickets, AND a dollar stipend. She was free to go out or come in, not incarcerated like a slave, had own set of house keys, could give up job and return to india anytime she wanted. Any maid in india would give her right arm
    for such a job. Since all her New York expenses were covered, so the argument that Rs 30000 would be a pittance in NY is fallacious and misplaced.

    Compare Dr Devyani’s maid to the maids US diplomats employ, for Rs 12000 (as revealed in reply to india gov query), with no free food, clothes, lodgings, no free calls, no medical, no travel allowances for travelling home and to work. How much would they save after rent, power bills, water bills, food, clothes, and bus fair to and from work? (bus tickets are minimum Rs 20 these days).

    And when outrageous charges of slavery and human trafficking are alleged, people in India are not unjustified in thinking it is all a concocted lie.

  3. rational

    And what you call ‘blatant hierarchy’, is just mass unemployment in India due to poor leftist policies of congress party that block most private enterprise from mass manufacturing using specious anti industry labor laws and red tape and other means like blocking technology development or import and its use. Ifall had jobs, few will be available for domestic work, and rates would be much higher. And it will happen soon if Narendra Modi comes in and Reforms Indian Economy like he has done in Gujrat (with a 10% poor ie jobless rate). Joblessness in rest of india is 40% to 50% (in keeping with third world standards)

    Further, it is entirely possible for US dept of state to drop or disallow charges. Even in this case DA did ask dept of state before filling charges. I am assuming John Kerry gave the go ahead to arrest and strip search Dr Khobragade inspite of her immunity, and to frame charges. But he did not do so against the russian diplomats, no russian was arrested even, in the medicare fraud case. They were just quietly recalled back by Putin. Or consider the case of sex slavery against saudi prince abdel aziz where US granted retroactive immunity and allowed to keep his slave on US soil!

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