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  1. Claire

    Hello Blue Rasberry, I loved your account of what sounds almost exactly like my recent experience of passing my first kidney stone (8mm). I was wondering if you found out for definite that it was, or wasn’t, a kidney stone? I completely identified with the cycle your pain went through, and the struggle to find any position to cope with the pain. I was doubled over in a wheelchair in the ER for what seemed like hours, moaning in pain, with everyone carrying on as normal all around me ! I felt better after the CT scan as I was given an opiate (relief!) but it took me 6 weeks to pass that first 8mm stone. The pain has continued for a total of 9 weeks now as I had a further 2 smaller stones that may have broken up from all the lemon juice and water I’ve been drinking all the time. You were lucky to have Marcus to support you so well, best wishes to you both, Claire

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