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  1. Jenna

    I organize events (corporate conferences), too, and nothing is free. Insurance, equipment rentals, staff time (volunteers are awesome, but you can’t run a large-scale event with volunteers only or it will not be a safe event), catering, food (TONS of it on this ride – and all really good), city fees for using the streets (called permits – for real!).

    It costs a lot to use a facility like Magnuson.

    You have to rent those porta potties, too. Or do you like making your business on the side of the road? gross.

    All that equipment has to go in a truck, and most companies don’t own a truck that large so you have to rent one.
    From what I saw, the company that did this event does other events, so (based on my experience at work) I can only imagine they’re rather efficient at what they do and they use their resources wisely. Events are too complex to do them any other way.

    There isn’t much money to be made in events after you pay for all of those expenses (permits are a real bummer and there are very few opportunities for free space use – partly because of the economy but also insurance liability), but I applaud the people who put them together for my enjoyment because they’re a TON of work. Those people are up at 4am and not done until every table is put away, even if that’s 10pm. My friend works at Magnuson Park and said that in 2009 they were there until dark with the clean up from the messes I helped make as a rider! I didn’t ride in 2008, but I rode 2009 and 2010 and plan to go back next year. It’s so well supported and I really dig that in a ride.

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