first day in San Francisco…

This post has no interesting content at all. It is just a record to help me remember what I learned.

On Thursday August 19 Simon and I dropped off the car by driving north through Golden Gate Park, into the Presidio, then west along the waterfront to the return at Fisherman’s Wharf. Simon took me on a walking tour of SF by going south to Telegraph Hill where I saw the Coit Tower and a historical placard commemorating Farnsworth’s invention of the television. We walked on through Chinatown then to Union Square, where I saw a monument to the superiority of America over the Philippines as proven in the Philippine–American War

Somewhere around here we stopped for snacks at a pizza place called Blondie’s and then we went to this commercial art gallery called Weinsten’s. They advertised having modern masters for sale, and sure enough hanging on the wall were sketches by Picasso, some cheap Dali prints, and some proper big Chagalls. There must be a market here for people who walk in and want a Chagall in a bag to go, now.

We took a bus to the Castro then walked to the Haight. We looked at the edge of Golden Gate Park, then went to Outer Sunset where I caught the Muni to meet up with some friends in Berkeley.

Throughout the day Simon and I talked mostly about software and rights. He seems to be familiar with a significant amount of what I want to know, particularly regarding open software. I could say more about him but I will have email records to track what we talk about.

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