out with Anna…

Yesterday I went out with this woman named Anna from work.  She is in her mid-fifties and a few years off a divorce, move, and career change.  I am always interested in people who are creating a new life.

She met me in u-district and we toured the Ave and the Farmer’s market.  We went to Fremont and saw the usual statues and then went and heard an architect named Prince Ramus speak about building the Seattle Central library.  We went to the Roq la Rue and then to SAM to see an impressionist exhibit.

SAM had the paintings organized by theme.  That was fresh to see; there was a series of paintings by different artists where the theme was boys reading, fish sitting on a table, people lounging, whatever.

Anna is one of the counselors with whom I will closely work to do my research.  The job is still cool; I still am getting paid to write operating procedure at my discretion.

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